Educating articulate and dynamic young ladies.

St. Louis Secondary School for girls is proud of its rich heritage and its tradition of educating articulate, compassionate and dynamic young women who can step out into the world ready for whatever the 21st Century wants to throw at them.

On leaving primary school, young girls and their families are nervous about the challenge of transferring to a much larger education environment, leaving behind the security of childhood and their local communities

We in St Louis, understand those concerns and go out of our way to embrace each new ‘Louis Girl’ and welcome her, and her family, into the fold. Our senior students act as mentors or Cáirde and meet first years every day, providing a familiar face and engaging activities, until she becomes comfortable and ready to find her own way. It does not matter to us how long that process might take as we see each child as a unique and precious individual. These senior girls apply for the role and are chosen for their maturity and empathy among other qualities.