LCA is a two year Leaving Cert programme. We generally have no more than 14 students in a class. There is a wide range of subjects taught, including English and Communications, Maths, Irish, Spanish (Spanish in 5th year and Irish in 6th year), Leisure and Recreation, Childcare and Community Care, Hotel Catering and Tourism, Religion, Hair and Beauty, Social Education, Vocational preparation (including Guidance) and IT. Work experience is a very important part of the programme.  Students go out four times during the two years, each time for two weeks.

A lot of the assignments completed for the above subjects are completed on computers so our LCA students gain valuable computing skills along the way.

The LCA course is based on continual assessment with roughly one third of the marks going towards work done during the year, another third on 7 ‘tasks’ or projects ( on which students are interviewed externally) and the final third goes towards final exams ( of which there are 7).

In St Louis each student is assigned a computer of her own in LCA, and thank to the extensive links forged with DkIT even before this year, they have the opportunity to visit DkIT on a regular basis to experience college life before they even get there.