Some Links for Parents from the Guidance Department

On this page you will find a list of resources Ms Mee has collected over the years to offer advice and help to students. Feel free to dip in and out. The materials here relate to Careers and Counselling. Other more general advice for parents is available in our Links for Parents Section.

Check out the full Guidance section on the homepage for some helpful general advice and information about the role of the Guidance Counsellor in the school and the supports on offer to your daughter before and when she becomes a St Louis student.

Each year Ms Mee, working with the Year Head and the Cairde Team co-ordinates activities for our incoming students and that assistance continues through all her schooling and beyond even when your daughter has finished her time in St Louis. There are so many self-help sites out there that it can be difficult to navigate through them to find really helpful ones so this is a selection that Ms Mee has found useful, and should help take the difficulty out of the task.

Feel free to dip in as required.