Parent-Teacher Meetings

Principal seated at desk

In schools where online parentteacher meetings are agreed, the following measures should be in place.

The arrangements must adhere to the schools data protection and child protection policies

The meeting should be set up by the school and each parent/guardian will be given a specific date/time and link/password to access the online platform

All equipment used must be supplied by the school. Teachers should not use their own laptops or other devices for parentteacher meetings

Online security arrangements and protections must be in place

The notice to parents/guardians should state the following

  • the expected maximum duration of the meeting 
  • the invitation, link or password to the meeting must not be forwarded to any third party
  • the meeting is confidential and all mobile phones or other electronic devices not being used for the specific purpose of the proceedings should be turned off for the duration of the meeting 
  • recording, saving or capturing any audio, video, or image during the meeting is prohibited
  • it follows that any live streaming of the meeting or transfer of any aspect of the meeting to another location is not permitted 
  • if any unauthorised person attends the meeting, the meeting host will remove the person immediately and discontinue the meeting . the camera function must be turned on so that it is clear to whom each party is speaking. Failure to do so will result on the meeting being cancelled
  • normal principles of appropriate courtesy and respect must be adhered to by all an appropriate space should be used to protect the confidentiality of the meeting 
  • where it is not possible to see all parents during the course of the meeting, normal arrangements should apply, no extra parentteacher meeting should be scheduled