Le Chéile Day

A Thank You from Le Chéile

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for all your planning, preparation and celebrating of Le Chéile Day on April 8th , the day of the Easter holidays. We were overwhelmed by the level of celebration of inclusion and diversity in your schools.

Thank you to the Principals and Deputy Principals for making it a priority, allowing time for the lead person to plan and execute Le Chéile Day and for your support as always.

To the lead person and to all the staff that helped plan and execute the activities thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we know the amount of work that goes into these events so thank you! Be assured of the recognition and inclusion felt by students in your schools, you made a difference to students lives on that day by highlighting an environment of acceptance and love.

It was our first Le Chéile Day in the Education Centre which was also very special, it was so lovely to have students call into us from Our Lady’s next door.

Thank you for all the tweets, Instagram tags, tick tocks, videos etc, there were so many, please see attached a short video on our youtube channel we put together of some the activities on Le Chéile Day in your schools, it will be on the website and social media later today. Thank you for sharing with us.

Once again thank you and best of luck for the final few weeks,

Warm wishes,

Claire Kilroy

Ethos Leadership Officer,

Le Chéile Schools Trust CLG,

Le Chéile Education Centre,  Bushy Park House, Templeogue Road, Dublin D6W EH51