Ms Sherry’s 5U class held a very successful bake sale and Shrove Tuesday event this week to raise funds to buy a well for a village in Africa. The campaign which is spearheaded in part by Dad of three students in the school, Ugochi, Ife and Ije Enyoazu, and he was delighted to learn that the girls’ efforts were rewarded with a very respectable €360 which will go towards the well to be built in a village in Africa. The plan is that a well will be drilled at least 300 feet down to ensure the water is fresh and not contaminated. Taps will be provided and the whole community will be assured of a fresh supply of clean water for drinking and cooking. This ties in nicely with our Global Schools Network membership and also the Green Flag for water which is making the whole school community aware of the importance of water as a precious and rare commodity which is to be guarded.