Welcome to the St Louis Lenten Challenge 2019!

The programme follows the Wellbeing indicators set out for the New Junior Cycle and can be followed by students. teachers and parents alike. Feel free to substitute the exercise element being done in school for one of a similar style at home – or encourage your daughter to share it with you after school.

Below is Week 1 of the challenge. Good Luck to all!


Date Physical Activity Kindness Lifestyle Nutrition


Wednesday 6th Lunges Pick up a piece of litter Do your homework without having your phone close by.


Drink only water
Thursday 7th 1pm fitness on astro  in courtyard (or in chapel hall if wet) Help someone out Leave your phone somewhere other than your bedroom when you go to bed Eat an extra portion of fruit
Friday 8th Walk at lunch Make someone laugh Get some fresh air Swap white for brown

(bread/pasta/rice etc)


Saturday 9th Own choice Tell a family member you love them Have a chat with someone face to face


Consume no more than 2 treats
Sunday 10th Something in the fresh air Help out at home Go to bed 10 minutes earlier Swap a treat for a piece of fruit