Vaping is an emerging risk to the health of children and young people. The purpose of this

communication from the HSE is to better inform and support parents and guardians to protect

children and young people from the harms of vaping.

Vaping is harmful for children and young people for many reasons:

 E-cigarette use has been linked with acute harms including poisonings, burns, fractures,

lung injury and asthma exacerbations.

 Early evidence links E-cigarettes use to cardiovascular and respiratory tissue damage.

E-cigarettes often contain nicotine, which is addictive and leads to dependence.

 Children and young people are especially vulnerable to the effects of nicotine on their

developing brains including nicotine addiction, mood disorders, and lowering of impulse control.

 Other drugs such as alcohol, synthetic cannabinoids, and opiates can be added to E-liquids and

consumed through vaping.

 Finally, children and young people who use E-cigarettes are more likely to start smoking

compared to those who never used E-cigarettes.

 Longer-term health effects of vaping are uncertain at this point in time.

Vaping is not permitted in St Louis Secondary School – a small number of students hiding in cubicles have damaged school property as well as their own health

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