We were delighted to meet all our incoming First Years at the recent Assessment Day and look forward to your starting your journey with us in September.

As parents you will be asked to make choices with your daughters in four subject areas in the coming days so that we can ascertain what subjects they will take in First Year.

In St Louis this year the following subjects are in the Core Curriculum for First Year 2020-2021:





French or Spanish




Wellbeing – consisting of PE, CSPE and SPHE


You will be asked to make a choice then from the following four:

Applied Technology

Business Studies

Home Economics

Visual Art

Below are some links to help you to decide with your daughters what subjects they might like to choose.

There is also a guide to how to fill in the choices on VSWare, and a link below that again to our Curriculum page where you will find the full specifications of all the Junior Cycle Subjects.





information-leaflet home-economics-subject-information-leaflet


Here’s a link on how to fill in your choices


Here is the link to our webpage which gives you information about all the subjects your daughter will be studying: