Parents are presented in order of their declaration of interest.

All text below is from candidates.

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Candidate 1- Jennifer Ray


I am a parent of a child at St. Louis and two other teenage children.  I’m also a teacher of Business subjects and French at Ó Fiaich.  I have years of experience teaching secondary school students, PLC students and adult learners.  I am co-ordinator of the pre-university arts programme at Ó Fiaich where I am involved with academic, learning and support as well as pastoral care of students. I also have 12 years of experience as school secretary including organisation and administration of duties for board of management.


As parent representative I could bring a 360 degree perspective of knowledge, but most importantly, I would intend to use my knowledge and experience to effectively represent parents of students at St. Louis.  I would hope to do this in the most collaborative and positive way, in the best interests of our children and students.




Candidate 2-Amanda Shearman

My name is Amanda Shearman, I would like to become a member of the board of management as I think it very important to be involved in the education of our children.  I was on the parents’ committee from Nicole stared primary school and continued it until my other daughter left this year.  I was very involved in the school, I was head parent for the school for communion year and confirmation. I always look at thing in all different views before I decide and respect everybody option. I get on very well with people I would like to think of myself as a people person. I take great pride in everything I do and always willing to step up when needed. I am very aware of children first as I have a cert in this area.


Mother of three children, well known to people in the community. Always eager to go the extra mile to help people. Always willing to give a helping hand,  has  been hands-on involved in the parents’ council in the Castletown Girls school over the years when children were attendees of the school. If the school need anything done Amanda would be the first to be called and would help no questions asked.  Very hands on and always goes the extra mile to make sure the task is done to the highest standards. Always help with parents supported them if they need help and always kept any issues private and only discuss any matters with the correct people in question.


 Candidate 3 -Eimear Cosgrove


My name is Eimear Cosgrove. I’m originally from Carrickarnon, Ravensdale and I now live in Ath Lethan, Dundalk.

I am a proud past pupil of St. Louis. I have continued the St. Louis tradition in my family by sending both of my daughters to the school.

My oldest daughter is now a past pupil herself, having received an education at St. Louis which enabled her to study law at Oxford University and qualify as a solicitor.

My younger daughter has recently started her St. Louis journey, having commenced in first year in August.

After leaving secondary school I attended the University of Ulster, at Jordanstown. I studied Communication at degree level and Marketing at post graduate level.

Having spent some years working as an Executive Officer in the Department of Justice and Equality, I am very aware of the importance of working towards equality and justice for everyone in our society.
My work encompassed communicating directly with people from all walks of life and from many different countries and ethnic groups.
It also entailed being part of an advisory group for the Department in relation to the implementation of revised case work procedures.
I have also gained experience working in the sphere of education while lecturing at DkIT.

My role as a parent (like most other parents) can often be demanding, but has also enabled me to gain additional attributes; such as patience, listening skills, empathy, understanding and advocacy skills. 087 6879198


In my view, the role of parent/guardian representative on the school BoM entails being an effective communicator and forging strong links between the parents/guardians and the school in an open, honest and transparent manner.

I feel that my background in the field of communication would enable me to facilitate and promote home-school links and help to ensure that the school creates and maintains efficient and clear channels of communication, information and consultation with the parents/guardians.

It is important to ensure that the voices of all members of the school community have a chance to be listened to by the school and that the school respects and values diversity in our community.

My interpersonal communication skills help to enhance my ability to relate to all of the parents/guardians of the school’s students and to be an effective advocate for them.

I strive to be a friendly and very approachable person and I am always happy to listen to the views of others.


Whether or not a student is a high achiever, needs additional support, excels in extra-curricular activities or has a disability, every student matters equally.

The wellbeing of our daughters in St. Louis is of paramount importance. Working to ensure that the school prioritises a positive and healthy learning environment is of utmost importance to me and is imperative in enabling all of the students to reach their full potential.


 Candidate 4 -Luke Martin

My name is Luke Martin. I am born and raised in Dundalk .Many people would remember me as one of the candidates in local and general election in 2007 and 2011. For the past 15 years I work as an information officer for Parental Equality.  This organisation support equal rights for both parents. I have worked in a FAS scheme with the Rugby club. I’m also involved in Social Services organisation Meals On Wheels. This voluntary service provides hot meals for elderly community members. I’m also involved for general meetings and fundraising events .

I think I would be a suitable candidate for BoM patents representative as I have two daughters who currently is attending St.Louis school and my experience with Parental Equality and Meals on wheels.  I am very social and honest person who is not afraid to voice my opinion and stand up for what is right.



Candidate 5 -David Minto

Name David Minto
Born 27-02-1968

Father Albert Minto (RIP)
Mother Briege Minto
Family of 6 kids
Married to Deirdre Minto
Daughter Kayla Minto
Member of Dundalk Chamber of Commerce
Vice President for the last 2 years
Chairman of the organising committee for the St Patrick’s day parade also the world record Santa run in Dundalk where over 5500 Santa’s ran for 1 mile.
Avid Dundalk FC Fan and Volunteer.
Currently Business development manager for CX+ sport and subsidiary of Horseware Ireland
CX+ supply clubs and schools, E.G. Athletics Ireland, Dundalk Football Club, Drogheda Utd, Coleraine FC, Marist, DKIT, St Louis, O Fiach…