While others were waiting at home anxiously for the 9.00 start to get their results many of the Louis girls had been in and were already gone at that stage. The school traditionally opens at 8.15 to give the girls their results.  “It was an early start but it was worth it – the girls are anxious to get the results as early as possible so we try to accommodate them,”  said Michelle Dolan, Principal. “We are so proud of our students. They worked hard and their diligence has paid off in their excellent results today. We ensure the girls do as well as they can, and often they achieve more than they thought possible. We look forward to seeing how they progress from here.”

The school places a particular emphasis on STEM subjects and the girls did Higher Level Maths, Technology, Chemistry and Physics. Many of the girls scored H1s in these subjects.  A significant number of students also scored well over 500 points and the girls were very happy with their results in general.

The Sixth Year Leaving Cert Applied results were also excellent this year. Of the 12 girls who sat this alternative exam, 7 achieved a Merit with all others getting a Distinction. LCA Co-ordinator Janet Kelly was delighted with the results. “The LCA is an excellent alternative for a small group of girls each year. It is wonderful to see such excellent results. The girls often progress to College via a PLC from this course, and with so many getting the Distinction this year, it will be an option for many of them.”

Although the new system of points in the general Leaving Cert was confusing for the students at first they soon got used to it and were able to work out their points with the help of Guidance Counsellor Dara Mee.  Twins Gillian and Rachel Browne were delighted with their results. They called in very early and then called back later to meet Chloe Twibill, Head Girl, who collected her results with her mother Aileen. “We are delighted with Chloe’s results and cannot thank the school enough for all they did for Chloe. We are so grateful to all the staff – every one of them did an amazing job.”