Good afternoon, 

We are looking forward to welcoming existing, new and transferring students  to school over the next few days:

24th August Thursday 9:00-12:00 5th Yr  2023 -2024 Cairde Team training with Guidance &  Sharon Fennelly

24th August Thursday 1:00-3:00 Student Council  Leadership Training with Sharon Fennelly

25th August Friday 8:50-1:05 All 3rd Yr students for induction only  – full day lessons resume on Thursday 31st 

28th August Monday 1:50-3:50 5th All 5th Yr Students for induction only-full day lessons resume on Thursday 31st 

29th August Tuesday 8:500-1:05 All 6th & 6LCA , 2nd & TYs for induction only -full day lessons resume on Thursday 31st 

30th Wednesday 8:510-1:05 All new 1st yr students only

31st Thursday -All lessons for all Year groups resume at 8:50: 1st,2nd,3rd,TY, 5th, 6th 6LCA