Golf Academy goes from strength to strength in St Louis.

While others were relaxing in the summer sunshine the girls in the St Louis Golf Academy were honing their skills in Dundalk Golf Club with PGA Professional Leslie Walker.
Over the course of two different day camps the girls went through the mechanics of Swing, a tutorial on Chipping and worked on Bunker Play and Putting.
The next day the girls put their training from day 1 into action and played a few holes under the guidance of both Leslie and Deirdre Smith and Sheila Boylan of St Louis who have been tutoring the girls all year at lunchtime.
The girls learned the all important skill of how to fill out the scorecard and they learned some of the Rules of Golf – and there are lots!

Co-ordinator of the Academy, Deirdre Smith said that the next step is to obtain memberships in local Golf Clubs for the girls. “This will allow the girls to register as members of the Irish Ladies Golf Union, get an official handicap, participate in junior golf tournaments all over Ireland and participate in organised school events in Ireland. It’s a marvellous opportunity for the girls and lovely to see so many students taking such an interest. With the emphasis on Wellbeing in the New Junior Cycle Specification, golf is a perfect activity to promote good health.”

The girls are looking forward to perfecting their skills as the year progresses.