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St Louis has a proud tradition of helping young teachers to gain experience in education. The relationship is a symbiotic one as the school gains as much as the PMEs themselves do. 


One of the current PMEs, Ms Beth Toner, an Art teacher, is working on an installation with the fifth year students. The project, by three NCAD students, is being shared on an Instagram Page called @threelocations. Over the course of the term the students in St Louis studied the materials available to them in the school grounds and composed temporary land art pieces inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, a British sculptor and environmentalist who produces site specific land art. 


Art teacher Beth Toner was impressed by the efforts of the girls: ‘Art doesn’t always have to be made using shop bought materials. Our landscapes provide us with more than enough beauty and colour to use! The girls are particularly lucky to have the magnificent grounds of St Louis to explore. I am looking forward to sharing their work online.’ 


Principal Michelle Dolan said: ‘It is wonderful to be able to use our extensive campus as a backdrop for learning in these difficult times – taking learning out of the classroom and into the school’s beautiful grounds has been uplifting and inspiring for our girls.’

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