Louis Girls in the Sporting News.

Senior Basketball

Each week we will bring you news of our sporting events at school and keep you up to date with what is happening.

This week saw the start of the basketball season in St Louis. Our senior team under the expert guidance of Kate O Byrne, ably assisted by Siobhán Higgins headed off to Crossmolina in Mayo at the crack of dawn to face Gortner Abbey. The road trip was four hours long but the girls were undaunted by this and gave a spirited performance, worthy of the Louis reputation for excellence on the court.

The girls were narrowly beaten in the worst possible way. Reminiscent of the fateful Dublin Mayo final a few short weeks ago, the sides were neck and neck all the way until a lucky basket from Gortner Abbey with 18 seconds to go allowed them to clinch victory by a single point.

The team was united in their efforts but special mention must go to Jewell Rosagaran who had a final personal tally of 24 points.


On Thursday evening students from Junior and Senior Cycle laced up their boots for the first ever rugby training session of the school’s newly formed rugby team. The girls got stuck in from the very start and displayed a high level of determination and skill. Leinster  Development Officer Andrew Naylor was very impressed with their performance and believe the girls will do well in their first blitz which takes place in Navan in two weeks.





This Sunday saw the  U14 girls county final take place between Glen Emmets and Kilkerley Emmets and we are delighted to announce that six of the winning squad are Louis Girls. Kilkerley were victorious and we were delighted to see two of our first years, Katie Clarke and Sarah Lawrence, three second years, Katie Cotter, Éabha Mc Eneaney and Grainne Lynch, and third year Hermione Mc Aleer celebrate victory with a narrow two point margin. The final score was 3-05 to 2-10.

That bodes well for the gaelic teams here at school who start their season next week.


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Lunchtime Activities at St Louis

lunchtime activities

Weekly Clubs and Activities

The following activities are ongoing and take place every week until further notice.   Check the start times in the school, or contact the relevant teacher. 

A house point is given to a student each time they attend that particular club/activity.



Activity Time Year Teacher Where to meet & Important Information
Poetry Open to all years Ms Rice (Starting in October)
Choir 12.25-12.50pm Everyone from all years welcome Ms Drumgoole / Ms Murray Chapel hall, promptly at 12.25pm
Basketball 12.25-12.50pm 1st & 2nd year Ms O’Byrne Gym

Runners required

Gaelic Football U-16 and Senior Team Ms E Byrne Gym

Appropriate gear required




Activity Time Year Teacher Where to meet & Important Information
Poetry Open to all years Ms Rice (Starting in October)
Golf 12.30-1.10pm All welcome Ms Smith Field behind large bin/skip
Instrumental Group 12.50-1.15pm Open to all years Ms Killoran Chapel hall. Prompt at 12.50
Basketball U16 (3rd, TY & 5th) Ms O’Byrne Gym

Runners and sports gear required





Activity Time Year Teacher Where to meet & Important Information
Walk 12.40 – 1.05pm Open to everyone Mrs McDermott Meet outside chapel Hall prompt at 12.40pm

Runners if possible. Coat/ Waterproof recommended

The walk may still go ahead in wet conditions

Green Committee 12.30-12.55pm Ms Reynolds/Ms Sherry Meet in room 14 (Geography room)
Poetry Open to all years Ms Rice (Starting in October)
Golf 12.30-1.10pm All welcome Ms Smith Field behind large bin/skip
Dance 12.40-1pm Everyone in 1st, 2nd or 3rd Year Ms Spain Meet in the chapel hall at 12.40pm promptly.

Water and runners are advisable

Fitness Training 12.30-12.55pm 3rd, TY, 5th & 6th Ms O’Byrne & Ms E Byrne Gym

Runners and sports gear required

Basketball U19 (3rd, 5th & 6th) Ms O’Byrne Gym

Runners and sports gear required

Rugby All welcome Ms McEneaney Outside, Meet at the gym.

Sports Gear and Football boots




Activity Time Year Teacher Where to meet & Important Information
Volleyball coaching 12.45-1.10pm Everyone in 1st & 2nd Year Ms Spain Meet in the gym

Runners are essential


Volleyball for fun 12.44-1.10pm 3rd Years Ms Spain Meet in the gym

Runners are essential

Camogie 12.30-1pm All years welcome Ms Caraher Meet outside the gym.

Sports gear required

Helmets and hurls will be supplied if needed



Lovely Memories at Past Pupil Night

Past Pupils night

When the current students of St Louis headed home last Friday evening, a group of teachers gathered to transform the Chapel Hall into a warm atmospheric venue for the St Louis Past Pupils Cheese and Wine event.

Almost 100 past pupils gathered to taste wines provided for the evening by Alan Mac Guinness, and cheeses chosen by Peter Thomas of Bellingham Blue. Past pupils from 1958 to 2002 mingled and chatted together and shared their memories of the school. There was a visitors book for pupils to sign, Brenda Murphy, a past pupil herself, brought along a copy of every Inklings Magazine published for the visitors to look through and reminisce.

After meeting up with their old classmates most of the students headed off for a walk through the corridors to remember their own schooldays. A group of ladies from the class of 1970 met with the youngest visitors from 2002 and laughed as they realised that in fact a lot of their memories were quite similar.

It is interesting to see how the fashions changed through the years. The uniform has evolved down the years into the lovely checked pattern it has today and the hair has changed dramatically. Maggie Kavanagh of 1970 recalls how hair had to be short in her day. When they left school the first thing they all did was to grow it out.

Everyone had fond memories of the Louis nuns who taught in the school for so many years. To their delight Sr Mary O Connor, and Sr Siobhán called in to say hello, as did some of our retired teachers. Ray Byrne who is responsible for so much of the wonderful archive material on the Past Pupils Facebook page was busy all evening catching up with lots of past pupils, all of whom remembered him fondly from Geography classes.

The elder lemon of the evening was Rosemary Winkless who was there with three generations of Louis girls. She is a proud past pupil of 1958, and was looking absolutely radiant on the night.

Local songstress Sinéad Mc Nally of the class of 1997 met with a gang from her year – the Sherry twins, Niamh O Keefe and Elaine O Mahony, home from honeymoon who travelled from Tipperary for the event.

Other local girls – the class of 4B from 1994 showed up in force, took a wander back to their home class and stayed out late celebrating – enjoyed coming back to the school For Sinéad Murphy it was her first time back in the building.

Lynda Mc Quaid who herself won the Sr Claire Memorial Award at last years Awards Night was back once again – no stranger to the place in recent times.

Michelle Dolan welcomed everyone to the school and thanked them for coming. She welcomed the re-establishment of a Past Pupils Union, which had been run for years by Sr Claire, and expressd the hope that relations between past and present could be fostered in the three years leading up to the 70th anniversary of the Louis Order in Dundalk, due to be celebrated in 2020.




Leaving Cert High Achievers – Eimer Magee

succesful female

As we look forward to meeting a new group of eager young girls tomorrow who are wondering whether St Louis Dundalk is the place for them, we are going to catch up with our Class of 2017. In the next week or so we will post some words of advice from our high achievers. They will share their experiences and offer an insight into how to attain the highest of points at Leaving Cert.
First up is Eimer Magee, daughter of Frank and Jean, who is now studying Science in UCD. This is her story.
“The journey that led to the Leaving Cert was daunting but one I was eager to travel. In Fifth Year I really figured out what worked for me and what didn’t. I tried to stay on top of my homework, class tests and exams. People had spoken about studying before school so I tried that but I swiftly learned that I valued my sleep too highly!
My style is to write notes out repetitively as well as answers for exam questions which I would file away for later use – I looked over these in the run up to exams and it was a relief to already have them answered. I would highly recommend keeping your bedroom and study environment different. When I went into my study I was in the homework and study mindset, and when I went into my bedroom I could relax.
In Sixth Year I really knuckled down as I knew what I wanted to achieve. I got a lift home most evenings and as soon as I got in the door I’d change out of my uniform and go into the study. At first I did homework and then studied but I realised it was more effective to study first and then do homework. I’d tackle the difficult tasks first so I couldn’t put them off.
If your mind gets fuzzy and you stop retaining information go outside and get some fresh air. I rekindled my interest in basketball throughout 6th year and went for more walks than I can count. After this I always felt fresher, ready to work again. I usually stopped around 9 or 9.30.
On Fridays I tried to get my homework out of the way so I could free up time at the weekends for study and down time. My final words; it’s a marathon not a sprint. Learn things as you come across them in class and then you will just have to ‘top up’ study these and refresh them. Cramming is not the answer!student shot

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Girls celebrate Junior Cert Success.

The students in St Louis celebrated their Junior Cert results on Wednesday last with their teachers and classmates.

The girls were very pleased with results, with lots of them attaining the highest marks in Maths, Science and the Arts, as well as in Business.
Fionnghuala Drumgoole was delighted with her results, as was her mother Orla, who teaches in the school. “I am so delighted that she did so well. In every subject her teachers encouraged and mentored her so she was able to give of her best, without feeling under pressure to “perform”.” Fionnghuala was particularly pleased with her As in Science and Maths. “I wasn’t sure about the Maths after Paper 1, but Paper 2 went really well. I got my A in Music too which made me very happy as that is what I hope to pursue when I leave school.”
Caoimhe Bellew who was one of the lucky 1% to get a Distinction in English this year under the New Junior Cycle Specification was thrilled with her result. “I really wanted that one. Ms Dolan pushed us to really analyse our writing and write concisely. It paid off. I can’t believe I am one of the lucky ones to attain the Distinction.”
Catherine Carolan and Eva Carrie were very pleased with their results too. Catherine was very pleased with her A in Business in particular. “I plan to go on to study Business in the future so I am glad that this result makes this a viable option.” Eva Carrie was happy with her A in History especially since numbers getting the A in that subject were down this year. ” I love History and I was worried when I heard that there were fewer As countrywide but thrilled when I opened my results to see that was one of my As.”
Michelle Dolan congratulated all the girls on their success. “As we lose the old Junior Cert subjects and the Junior Cycle takes over, the emphasis will be less on the result and more on the journey. I am delighted for the girls today. Every girl who worked hard should be proud of her results today. We  strive to ensure every girl achieves her potential and more, and their results today bear that out.”
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Opening Mass.

The weather held for us yesterday as we travelled to The Redeemer Church for our Opening Mass. Fr Brian led us in prayers for the new school year. The readings were sensitively chosen by the Religion Dept and the accompanying music was sweet and atmospheric, resulting in a spiritually uplifting afternoon for all. All members of the school community were prayed for, and after the mass Ms Dolan and Ms Sherry welcomed the newly elected members of the Student Council and wished them success in their endeavours.


Lunchtime Activites for First Years.

The transition from primary to secondary education is a difficult one. We are very aware of this and so St Louis strives to ensure every girl feels valued and accepted right from the start of her time here.

As part of the welcome given, there is a host of activities organised for lunchtimes by Ms Mee and the Fifth Year Cairde Team. This week it was table quiz, karaoke and a time capsule event. The enthusiastic Cairde have excelled themselves this year in helping first years adjust to their new routines and have participated generously in all activities during lunchtime. We are looking forward to next week already!



Golf Academy goes from strength to strength in St Louis.

Golf Academy goes from strength to strength in St Louis.

While others were relaxing in the summer sunshine the girls in the St Louis Golf Academy were honing their skills in Dundalk Golf Club with PGA Professional Leslie Walker.
Over the course of two different day camps the girls went through the mechanics of Swing, a tutorial on Chipping and worked on Bunker Play and Putting.
The next day the girls put their training from day 1 into action and played a few holes under the guidance of both Leslie and Deirdre Smith and Sheila Boylan of St Louis who have been tutoring the girls all year at lunchtime.
The girls learned the all important skill of how to fill out the scorecard and they learned some of the Rules of Golf – and there are lots!

Co-ordinator of the Academy, Deirdre Smith said that the next step is to obtain memberships in local Golf Clubs for the girls. “This will allow the girls to register as members of the Irish Ladies Golf Union, get an official handicap, participate in junior golf tournaments all over Ireland and participate in organised school events in Ireland. It’s a marvellous opportunity for the girls and lovely to see so many students taking such an interest. With the emphasis on Wellbeing in the New Junior Cycle Specification, golf is a perfect activity to promote good health.”

The girls are looking forward to perfecting their skills as the year progresses.

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First Years start their journey in St Louis

St Louis welcomed our new First Years today. The girls attended an Induction morning where they met Principal Michelle Dolan, Deputy Principal Olivia Sherry and their Year Head Mary Gilmore. The girls also met Dara Mee, head of the school’s Guidance Department, and their Fifth Year Cairde.

There were ice breaker games, an introduction to the New Junior Cycle Specifications and time to get to know each other. Year Head Mary Gilmore  welcomed the girls and expressed the school’s hope that they enjoy a happy fulfilling education, whilst achieving their very best at the same time.

Guidance Teacher and school  counsellor Dara Mee explained to the students that each girl’s journey would be different in the school and that we recognise and celebrate everyone’s skills and talents equally.

The girls will return for their first full day’s teaching on Wednesday August 30th at 8.50am.


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St Louis girls celebrate their Leaving Cert results

While others were waiting at home anxiously for the 9.00 start to get their results many of the Louis girls had been in and were already gone at that stage. The school traditionally opens at 8.15 to give the girls their results.  “It was an early start but it was worth it – the girls are anxious to get the results as early as possible so we try to accommodate them,”  said Michelle Dolan, Principal. “We are so proud of our students. They worked hard and their diligence has paid off in their excellent results today. We ensure the girls do as well as they can, and often they achieve more than they thought possible. We look forward to seeing how they progress from here.”

The school places a particular emphasis on STEM subjects and the girls did Higher Level Maths, Technology, Chemistry and Physics. Many of the girls scored H1s in these subjects.  A significant number of students also scored well over 500 points and the girls were very happy with their results in general.

The Sixth Year Leaving Cert Applied results were also excellent this year. Of the 12 girls who sat this alternative exam, 7 achieved a Merit with all others getting a Distinction. LCA Co-ordinator Janet Kelly was delighted with the results. “The LCA is an excellent alternative for a small group of girls each year. It is wonderful to see such excellent results. The girls often progress to College via a PLC from this course, and with so many getting the Distinction this year, it will be an option for many of them.”

Although the new system of points in the general Leaving Cert was confusing for the students at first they soon got used to it and were able to work out their points with the help of Guidance Counsellor Dara Mee.  Twins Gillian and Rachel Browne were delighted with their results. They called in very early and then called back later to meet Chloe Twibill, Head Girl, who collected her results with her mother Aileen. “We are delighted with Chloe’s results and cannot thank the school enough for all they did for Chloe. We are so grateful to all the staff – every one of them did an amazing job.”