Some Information on the Marking of Exams by SEC this Summer 2019.

The State Exams Commission is mmoving towards online marking for every subject. This will not affect students but it is nonetheless worth having a read of the information provided by the SEC about this new development. The Junior Cycle English Papers have been corrected this way for the last two years.

Please do be aware that information written in the margins on your exam paper will NOT be taken into account by an examiner unless it is absolutely clear to them exactly what part of the question the information relates to.



St Louis is named Irish Second Level Water School of the Year.

On Wednesday May 1st students from across Ireland were honoured for their efforts promoting water conservation and awareness at an award ceremony in Dublin. St. Louis’ Secondary School (Dundalk) was named Ireland’s Second Level Water School of the Year for their hard work on the Green-Schools Water theme, which is sponsored by Irish Water.

This is the sixth year of the awards and partnership, which has seen over 1,000 schools attend interactive Water Workshops and Walk for Water Events since 2013.

Eamon Gallen, General Manager at Irish Water, said: “Helping the next generation to understand that the importance of conserving water is a key part of our role in safeguarding Ireland’s water supply, so we are delighted to be partnering with An Taisce’s Green-Schools Water Theme for the sixth year running.”

“We are always impressed by the creative and innovative ways that all of the schools come up with to save water and promote awareness both in their classrooms and in their communities.”

St. Louis Secondary School – this year’s Secondary Water School of the Year – promoted their work on the Water theme far beyond their school gates. By appointing a PRO, using social media and writing for the weekly staff newsletter their committee succeeded in raising awareness about water scarcity and usage, including the importance of monitoring for leaks. This reflected in a reduction of per person water usage from 92l to 3.6l per day.

Co-ordinators of the Green Schools committee in St Louis Joanne Mallon, along with Lynne Rice are delighted with this result. “The girls meet at lunchtime every week and everyone has specific tasks so they are all very focussed on their individual roles within the committee. One pupil for example has met with the caretaker every week and taken water meter readings to keep track of our usage. Another student was charged with sourcing leaky taps in the school and letting Tommy know about them. The girls also asked him to alter the flow in some taps which were running faster and using more water than was needed.”


The group is also involved in the Worldwise Global Schools and recently won a Global Passport so it really has been a successful and rewarding year for the group. “It is up to all of us to raise awareness about and care for our planet. If we don’t we may not have a future – or our children might not. It’s so important to be environmentally aware, and the Green Schools Committee in St Louis has been really active this year,” said Ugochi Enyoazu, one of the members of the committee. “We were able to raise funds to dig a well for a village in Africa, and we installed a water harvester in the new courtyard. It’s been an exciting year”, continued Laiba Wajahat.


“Raising awareness is key. Some of the TYs did a 3km Solidarity Walk to gain an understanding of the difficulties girls in particular face in developing countries. They leave school just so they can become water bearers for their families,” said Lynne Rice.

One of the big issues in the media at the moment is single use plastics. The school has installed a water dispenser and students are encouraged to bring their own bottles from home to refill. A plastic audit was carried out and the results shared so people could be more aware of just how much they are using.


At The Green Schools Presentation Ceremony with Yvonne Harris of Irish Water



Tommy working on the water meter readings


The Global Passport Ceremony

Cross Border Art project for St Louis Students

Our Identity Project


Before her arrival in St Louis, Acting Principal Michelle Dolan worked for fifteen years in Northern Ireland in a highly regarded Integrated school, New-Bridge Integrated College, based in Loughbrickland a village near Banbridge Co Down.The current Principal, Anne Anderson, recently approached St Louis with an opportunity to participate in a cross-border project exploring identity and diversity.The funding for the project was secured from the Department of Foreign Affairs after a successful visit by the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to the integrated school in 2018. A third school, St Colmcille’s CS Knocklyon, Dublin, was added to the group and a meeting of interested staff and principals was held in St Louis on Friday 15th February 2019 with representative from Corrymeela Peace and Reconciliation Centre and Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation.

It was agreed that fifteen 2nd Yr students from each school would participate over the next few months, visiting the two reconciliation centres and each school to learn about the different identities, cultures, beliefs represented in a diverse new Ireland and work together through Art to explore issues and grow in understanding. Like St Louis, the ethos of New-Bridge is one of welcome and inclusion with a strong emphasis on the wellbeing of both staff and students. Art teacher Áine Mc Enaney is very excited to be involved in the venture: “We are always looking out for new projects for our students. The New Junior Cycle Art Specification lends itself well to collaboration with others
and we are thrilled to be part of such an exciting Cross Border project, especially at this very interesting time in EU politics.”

A recent Whole-School Inspection report on Management, Teaching & Learning in St Louis Dundalk found that “The quality of school leadership and management is exemplary; the members of the whole school community work together to ensure that each student’s individual needs are met in an inclusive environment.” This exciting cross-border project is another way to be as inclusive as possible, to enrich the lives of our students and develop 21st C key skills.



Lenten Wellbeing Challenge 2019

Welcome to the St Louis Lenten Challenge 2019!

The programme follows the Wellbeing indicators set out for the New Junior Cycle and can be followed by students. teachers and parents alike. Feel free to substitute the exercise element being done in school for one of a similar style at home – or encourage your daughter to share it with you after school.

Below is Week 1 of the challenge. Good Luck to all!


Date Physical Activity Kindness Lifestyle Nutrition


Wednesday 6th Lunges Pick up a piece of litter Do your homework without having your phone close by.


Drink only water
Thursday 7th 1pm fitness on astro  in courtyard (or in chapel hall if wet) Help someone out Leave your phone somewhere other than your bedroom when you go to bed Eat an extra portion of fruit
Friday 8th Walk at lunch Make someone laugh Get some fresh air Swap white for brown

(bread/pasta/rice etc)


Saturday 9th Own choice Tell a family member you love them Have a chat with someone face to face


Consume no more than 2 treats
Sunday 10th Something in the fresh air Help out at home Go to bed 10 minutes earlier Swap a treat for a piece of fruit


Student Council visit to County Hall

The leaders of our Student Council Clodagh Shine and Hannah Mullen, along with the three fifth year representatives, Eva Carrie, Kerry Mc Kenna and Ciara Duffy, were delighted to accept Councillor Maeve Yore’s invitation to attend the Louth County Council monthly meeting on Monday January 21st – the 100th anniversary of the first sitting of Dáil Eireann. Cathaoirleach Liam Reilly chaired the meeting and the girls saw the council business in action. They also got the opportunity to meet MEP Mairéad Mc Guinness and chatted to her about Brexit amongst other topics. Thank you to Ms Patricia Kelly for arranging this opportunity for the students, and for her continued support of the Council.

Thanks to Eva Carrie for her report on the event:

‘The main topics on the agenda were Brexit and the RSES (Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy). The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed and the councillors had the opportunity to raise issues arising from the minutes. Councillors discussed vacant land plots in Dundalk which were not recorded as vacant and how this is affecting local revenue. There were many concerns around a no deal Brexit but the ultimate consensus at the end of all discussion was that nobody really knows what is going to happen! This obviously is cause for some concern and that was clear today.
We met Fine Gael MEP Mairead McGuinness who is also the Vice Chair European Parliament and she spoke to us about her role as a representative of Ireland in Europe.
It was great to meet such a powerful role model for women on this historic day. Thank you so much to Cllr Maeve Yore for offering us this wonderful opportunity.’


Ms Patricia Kelly, members of the Student Council, Councillor Maeve Yore and MEP Mairéad Mc Guinness.





Catholic Schools Week 2019

It is Catholic Schools Week

Each day there is a different topic for discussion – have a look at the resources below – you might be able to use some of them with your family at home – start a conversation about faith and what it means to be a Catholic.


A Living Tradition

Celebrating Diversity

In Service of our Community


Supporting Faith


Information for Parents on the Whole School Evaluation 2019

Attached below are two documents for your perusal regarding the current Inspection in St Louis. They were previously posted but our website has just changed its host site so some posts were lost. Thank you for your understanding.




Accelerated Reader Programme.

SEN Co-Ordinator at St Louis, Ms Gemma Finn is delighted to announce the start of the Accelerated Reader Programme at St Louis for all First Years and for students with learning support hours.

At its heart, Renaissance Accelerated Reader is simple. Its aim is to engage students, motivate reading practice and improve reading progress. The girls will read a book, take an online quiz, and get immediate feedback. Students respond to regular feedback and are motivated to make progress with their reading skills. A whole team of St Louis teachers spent time learning about the programme in order to help with the rollout of this programme.


Valuable data

Accelerated Reader gives teachers the information they need to monitor students’ reading practice and make informed decisions to guide their future learning.

A comprehensive set of reports reveals how much a student has been reading, at what level of complexity, and how well they have understood what they have read. Vocabulary growth and literacy skills are also measured, giving teachers insight into how well students have responded to reading schemes and class instruction.

The interactive Reading Dashboard allows staff to see how well students are performing at class, group and individual level. It brings together data from the Accelerated Reader and the Renaissance Star Reading assessment to allow teachers to diagnose problems and inform intervention programmes.


Accelerated Reader produces “particularly positive effects” according to an independent study by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and Durham University.

“The internet-based programme increased the reading age of pupils by three additional months in just 22 weeks. The effect on low-income pupils was even greater, with their reading age improving by five additional months in the same amount of time.”

We look forward to seeing these same positive effects on our students here at St Louis.