School Calendar for 2019-2020

Attached please find the calendar for next year. This includes the details of the dates for the CBAs for Second and Third Years as part of the new Junior Cycle.

The details will be added to the calendar here in the next few weeks.


School Calendar 2019-2020

Booklists for 2019-2020

Attached please find the booklists for September 2019. These have been emailed to your daughters already.

School fees can now be paid online too.







TY BOOKLIST 2019 2020

5LCA BOOKLIST 2019 2020


6LCA BOOKLIST 2019 2020


School Insurance Form – optional.

Attached please find the application for student insurance. Please download, fill in and send into the school as soon as possible.

This insurance is not compulsory. The cost per child is €10 and is for 24 hour cover.


Application for School Group 24 Hour




TUSLA Fostering Information Evening on June 25th in Redeemer Family Resource Centre

The TUSLA Fostering Team in Louth is currently recruiting foster carers
throughout the county. At present there is a significant shortage of foster carers
across Louth. This localised campaign aims to increase the number of foster
carers so that children from this area may be placed within the county. Placing
children within the county makes it possible to maintain their family contacts,
their school placements, their friendships, their sports/activities and many of the
amenities that are important to them.
Providing children in care with the opportunity to remain in their general area can
reduce the impact and upset that they experience when placed in care. Where
placements cannot be provided by TUSLA in the area, children are sometimes
placed in private placements, sometimes out of the area, and therefore making it
difficult to sustain important relationships and activities.
Fostering is a unique opportunity to provide a safe and stable home to a child.
Foster carers come from all walks of life – couples, single people, same sex
couples. The information night will provide an insight into fostering for people
interesting in gaining more knowledge about it. There will be foster carers
present at the event to talk about their unique experience of fostering with Tusla.
We would like to help TUSLA in the efforts to spread the awareness of what
fostering involves, the process of becoming a foster care and to ultimately recruit
foster carers for local children.
The event will take place on the 25 th June at 7pm in the Redeemer Family
Resource Centre. For additional information please contact Sandra Minnock on
(042) 9392201 or (086) 1455308.

Kind Regards,
Colin Roche
General Manager
Redeemer Family Resource Centre