Cross Border Art project for St Louis Students

Our Identity Project


Before her arrival in St Louis, Acting Principal Michelle Dolan worked for fifteen years in Northern Ireland in a highly regarded Integrated school, New-Bridge Integrated College, based in Loughbrickland a village near Banbridge Co Down.The current Principal, Anne Anderson, recently approached St Louis with an opportunity to participate in a cross-border project exploring identity and diversity.The funding for the project was secured from the Department of Foreign Affairs after a successful visit by the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to the integrated school in 2018. A third school, St Colmcille’s CS Knocklyon, Dublin, was added to the group and a meeting of interested staff and principals was held in St Louis on Friday 15th February 2019 with representative from Corrymeela Peace and Reconciliation Centre and Glencree Centre for Peace & Reconciliation.

It was agreed that fifteen 2nd Yr students from each school would participate over the next few months, visiting the two reconciliation centres and each school to learn about the different identities, cultures, beliefs represented in a diverse new Ireland and work together through Art to explore issues and grow in understanding. Like St Louis, the ethos of New-Bridge is one of welcome and inclusion with a strong emphasis on the wellbeing of both staff and students. Art teacher Áine Mc Enaney is very excited to be involved in the venture: “We are always looking out for new projects for our students. The New Junior Cycle Art Specification lends itself well to collaboration with others
and we are thrilled to be part of such an exciting Cross Border project, especially at this very interesting time in EU politics.”

A recent Whole-School Inspection report on Management, Teaching & Learning in St Louis Dundalk found that “The quality of school leadership and management is exemplary; the members of the whole school community work together to ensure that each student’s individual needs are met in an inclusive environment.” This exciting cross-border project is another way to be as inclusive as possible, to enrich the lives of our students and develop 21st C key skills.



St Louis Whole School Evaluation Management, Leadership and Learning January 2019.

We are delighted to share with you our recent Inspection Report which went live today on




St Louis Inspection Report January 2019

Water For Africa Fundraising

Ms Sherry’s 5U class held a very successful bake sale and Shrove Tuesday event this week to raise funds to buy a well for a village in Africa. The campaign which is spearheaded in part by Dad of three students in the school, Ugochi, Ife and Ije Enyoazu, and he was delighted to learn that the girls’ efforts were rewarded with a very respectable €360 which will go towards the well to be built in a village in Africa. The plan is that a well will be drilled at least 300 feet down to ensure the water is fresh and not contaminated. Taps will be provided and the whole community will be assured of a fresh supply of clean water for drinking and cooking. This ties in nicely with our Global Schools Network membership and also the Green Flag for water which is making the whole school community aware of the importance of water as a precious and rare commodity which is to be guarded.


Lenten Wellbeing Challenge 2019

Welcome to the St Louis Lenten Challenge 2019!

The programme follows the Wellbeing indicators set out for the New Junior Cycle and can be followed by students. teachers and parents alike. Feel free to substitute the exercise element being done in school for one of a similar style at home – or encourage your daughter to share it with you after school.

Below is Week 1 of the challenge. Good Luck to all!


Date Physical Activity Kindness Lifestyle Nutrition


Wednesday 6th Lunges Pick up a piece of litter Do your homework without having your phone close by.


Drink only water
Thursday 7th 1pm fitness on astro  in courtyard (or in chapel hall if wet) Help someone out Leave your phone somewhere other than your bedroom when you go to bed Eat an extra portion of fruit
Friday 8th Walk at lunch Make someone laugh Get some fresh air Swap white for brown

(bread/pasta/rice etc)


Saturday 9th Own choice Tell a family member you love them Have a chat with someone face to face


Consume no more than 2 treats
Sunday 10th Something in the fresh air Help out at home Go to bed 10 minutes earlier Swap a treat for a piece of fruit


All Shook Up!

It’s show time once more in St Louis Dundalk. The current TY Class of 2019 have been treading the boards, dancing their socks off and singing sweet tunes since just after Mid-Term last November in order to wow audiences with their performance of “All Shook Up” due to take place over three nights in March – Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th at 7:30pm sharp. To paraphrase Miss Sandra from the show, these girls are “real cool cats” and looking forward to bringing some rock’n’roll to your soul next week!


As before the venue is the Chapel Hall, looking wonderful after the fire, with all the stained glass windows back in place. Directors of the production this year, Ms Elaine Byrne, Ms Siobhán Higgins and Ms Kate O’ Byrne are delighted with the efforts made by the girls and looking forward to the final product. “Although “All Shook Up” has been done locally by others in recent times we still chose it as we think we put an individual slant on all of our shows here at St Louis. The audition process is very protracted so that we give every girl a chance to shine. Each year we find new stars, people who have never before been on a stage, and that lengthy audition process is what makes the production so effective,” said Elaine Byrne. “All 85 girls in TY are in the show, even if they have other roles in costume, props and sets. It is an essential part of the experience that every girl is part of our cast, so they can all experience the joy of performance.”

The choreography is a joint effort between students and teachers. “We look to the girls for inspiration with dance moves. So many of them have a huge wealth of experience in this area so we like to give them the chance to use it and take part ownership of the process of staging a musical, continued Kate O’ Byrne. “So many TYs say the musical is why they choose to do the year. It’s not just for the performance but for all the life skills they learn in the process.”

Fifth years play a vital role in the production too. They are the stage managers, help on sound and lighting and also with makeup and hair. “Here in St Louis we pride ourselves on attention to detail in every aspect of the production,” said Siobhán Higgins. “We spend time researching the costume and makeup styles of the era of the show and then the fifth year girls help to recreate those looks. Hairgrips, hairspray and GHDs are the order of the day to ensure we create a performance that looks as good as it sounds.”

Lynne Rice is a new addition to the team this year and has been looking after the admin side of things for the show. The tickets are available from the school office priced at a very reasonable €10.



Business Department’s trip to Euroscola 2019

We are so delighted to share a video with you of highlights from last week’s Euroscola trip to Strasbourg by the Business and Economics Departments in St Louis. Thank you to Ms S Brady for her help in preparing the girls for the competition before Christmas and to MS Smith and Ms Mallon for accompanying them there. Abby Murphy of Fifth Year is the digital genius behind the video compilation.





Spanish Challenge in St Louis

Want to learn Spanish? For free? By helping someone else consolidate their learning?

“While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca. Now scientists are proving this ancient wisdom is as relevant now as back then. Researchers have found something called “the protégé effect” where students enlisted as tutors work harder to understand the material in order to explain it to someone else.

     With ownership of their own learning a key feature of the new Junior Cycle, the students of Spanish in St. Louis are undertaking a Spanish-teaching challenge over the coming 4 weeks.

    So why learn Spanish? Spanish is now the 2nd most spoken language in the world after Chinese. It is the official language of 21 countries, with more than 400 million speakers, with the USA soon to become the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

    Irish people are particularly interested in learning Spanish. The subject continues to be one of the fastest growing Leaving Certificate subjects of the last fifteen years. Approximately 2 to 3 Irish people go on holiday to Spain for every one who travels to another destination. It was the most searched night class in Ireland in 2017. And you can learn it for free!

    The bite-sized chunks will be available on the school Facebook page daily from Monday 4th March. Your tutor will check in with you, explain the day’s content and pronunciation and sign off on your language passport. We have already had lots of interest from students, parents and teachers within the school community, but there are still students available to tutor. If you are interested in taking part, please approach a student from any Spanish class or talk directly to Ms. Finigan and she will match you up. ¡Buena suerte a todos!