step challenge

You can get involved too! Active Healthy Living Week 2017

Step challenge

Tomorrow we start our Active Healthy Living Week.
Being active has been proven to improve cognitive function – have a look at some of the following findings –

* Cognitive function improves from small bouts of exercise

* Children with reading difficulties benefit from physical activity including balance,timing & co-ordination

* Physical activity in child-hood may optimize cortical development promoting lasting changes in brain structure and function

* Physical activity such as balancing on one leg, juggling, throwing & catching stimulates the proliferation of neurogenesis (new brain cells) and can improve a child’s IQ. Cognitive benefits are maintained months after exercise cease.

* ‘Dose-response’ relationship is not applicable, meaning even small bouts (a minute at a time) of physical activity give benefits to brain function.

* Sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to health and learning.

* Regular bouts of physical activity across the school day not only results in greater health benefits but also higher academic achievement

* Lessons integrating physical activity are perceived as more enjoyable and more interesting compared to traditional lessons.

* Empirically deduced benefits of physical activity integration into the classroom consist of getting children more on-task, more accumulated physical activity throughout the day, and improving motivation, enjoyment, and confidence

* There is a big push in America to include more Physical Activity into STEM subjects to achieve greater attainment.

* Exercise for healthy adults increases brain volume necessary for higher order processing, attentional control and memory

* Adults taking regular exercise, even in small bouts showed greater memory and cognitive function and lessened pathological conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

So all this week your daughters will be more active even in non PE classes.
The whole family can get invloved too.
Try the Step challenge – try to do at least 10,000 steps a day – take a photo of your step count each day and post on Facebook and the winner will receive a voucher for Country Fresh to get a few vegetables for the weekend!

So just how far is 10,000 steps? Have alook at the table below to help!

How far is 10,000 steps?

Steps                KMs             Miles
10,000               8                    5
Drogheda         36.8              22.8
A Marathon     42.1              26.2
Dublin              86.9              54
11,000                                     5.2
12,000                                     5.7
13,000                                     6.15
14,000                                     6.62
15,000                                     7.10
20,000                                    9.46

Let us know how you get on! We will keep you updated on the staff’s progress too.

Active Healthy Living Week

Active Healthy Living Week 2017

Here is the timetable for an incredibly busy schedule for our Active Healthy Living Week which takes place from Monday October 23rd to Friday October 27th.

The activities take place during lunch break and the students are asked to wear their sports gear every day except Wednesday, as it is a half day so there is no lunchtime activity!



Active Healthy Living week: Monday 23rd – Friday 27th October: Lunch Activities Time-Table

Important: Every day you will wear your PE tracksuit to school, except Wednesday. Lunch this week is for 1 hour from 12.15-1.15pm

All activities begin at 12.20pm and last for 30 minutes. Go to the activity at the start of lunch. After the activity you will then have 25 minutes to get your lunch and go to your locker. Classroom cleaning will be from 1.05-1.15pm each day. As you will be in your PE tracksuit all week you should change into a different t-shirt before & after each activity. This can be any t-shirt which is suitable for the activity.

Activities take place every lunch-time. Every day there’s something different for your year group.
Activity Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday

Meet outside the chapel hall at 12.20. Ms McGrath, Ms Galligan & Ms J Mallon to co-ordinate.

The walk may still go ahead in bad weather so bring rain top/umbrella just in case.

The walk will go out of the main gate and once around the block. There are no roads to cross, but you still need to be vigilant of traffic. Stay on the footpaths and be courteous to the general public. There are no bins on the walk, so please do not bring any food/drink with you.


6th Year



1st & 2nd Year


TY & 5th Year


3rd Year


Meet in gym at 12.20 Ms Spain to co-ordinate

Come for fun and friendly competition. Extra water suggested.


3rd Year


6th Year

1st & 2nd Year TY & 5th Year

Meet in chapel hall at 12.20 Ms Higgins & Ms O’Byrne to co-ordinate

Be prepared to ‘strutt’ like never before and get hot and sweaty. Extra Water suggested.

TY & 5th Year  

3rd Year


6th Year

1st & 2nd Year
Team Games/ Football

Meet on outside basketball courts at 12.20. Ms S McEneaney & Ms Caraher to co-ordinate.

This activity may be cancelled if the weather is bad.


1st & 2nd Year


TY & 5th Year


3rd Year


6th Year

Food Discovery Challenge & healthy lunch ideas

Meet in either room 6 or 13 at 12.20pm. Ms McDermott & Ms Brady to co-ordinate

Important: This is a ‘sign up in advance’ activity. Only 20 students maximum. €1 charge per student payable at the time of sign up. Sign up in school office.

Room 13

1st, 2nd & 3rd Years

Room 13

Ty, 5th & 6th

Room 6

1st, 2nd & 3rd Years

Room 6

Ty, 5th & 6th


Meet in Oratory. Ms Mee to co-ordinate.

Important: This is a ‘sign up in advance’ activity. Only 20 students maximum. Sign up in school office. No charge.


Ty, 5 & 6 Yr


1,2,3 Yr

Please bring extra water in a suitable drinks bottle for this week. 2 Active Points awarded every time you participate in an activity.

                                                     Get involved, Get Active, Have Fun                                            

Maths Week 2017

It is Maths Week. You will find a myriad of references to Maths and how it impacts our lives everyday in the media this week.

Here is a selection of useful and interesting websites to keep you informed and interested. In class this week students will be given a Maths question every day and teachers will use puzzles and brainteasers to highlight the fun that Maths can be! Check out the Facebook page each day too and see if you can solve the problems there.





Advice from the Far Side

Our posts on Facebook from high scoring past pupils are proving very popular.

Here is Abigail Ibilola’s advice for all those in the Senior Cycle. Abigail has gone to study Law and Business in Maynooth. It’s an epic – but worth reading to the very end – students have foud her words very helpful.

“Entering 6th year without a doubt I felt terrified and anxious in equal measure. However, I was determined to succeed and achieve my set goals.

The vast majority of my study involved pen and paper. I found that using past exam questions as a guide for my study really helped me across the board in all of my subjects. I would read my notes and then I’d try to do a whole question. If I didn’t know the answer, I would leave it blank and move on. I’d look at the marking scheme and then I’d come back to the same question and try it again later. If you focus solely on learning the course, your exam technique will suffer. When it came closer to the exam, I’d sit down and try to do a question under exam conditions: within the time limits and so on. The LC isn’t just about what you know, it’s also about how you approach an exam.

When it came to actual study hours, I studied for about an hour after I did my homework every day of the week and about 5-6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays with small breaks in between. I always took full advantage of my weekends. I would get up early in the morning and do about 2 hours of study before I had my breakfast. I would then take an hour or so to wind down by watching my favourite TV shows on Netflix (Netflix is a requirement, especially if you watch Riverdale).

Studying has never been fun to begin with, and forcing yourself through a study marathon will only make it worse. If you leave yourself a heap of work to do at the end of the year, it will seem too overwhelming. DO NOT let yourself fall into this dangerous place. Take action NOW while you still can. Start by starting, even if it’s with the smallest possible thing. Running away from your work will only make you feel deflated. This is emotionally more draining than having to go through the frustration of studying in the first place. Think of yourself as a plane on a runway: you may start slowly but eventually you will take flight and reach your destination.

While it’s important to make time for leisurely activities, it’s also important that you don’t overdo it. The leaving cert, while it may not feel like it, is only 9 months of your life. You will have plenty of time to yourself when it’s all over so spend your time wisely. I’m not saying don’t go out at all, just remember that you have to make some sacrifices.

Another vital piece of advice: Research your courses. No matter what deadline you have around the corner whether it be orals or projects, you should be aware of every single module you will have to do in the courses that you put on on your CAO. Attend as many open days as possible and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Read as many prospectuses as you can. If you’re in 6th year and you don’t have a box, shelf or drawer chock-full of prospectuses and flyers from universities, there’s something wrong with you. After all, there’s no point in working so hard to get the points if you end up studying a course that you absolutely hate!

Finally, I’d like to close by saying that you need to have a purpose. The fear of failure will not keep you going neither will the desire to keep your parents or whoever happy. You have to want to do well for yourself. My personal motivation was to leave my final exam and truly believe that I had done my best and that I had nothing more to give. That way no matter what happened on results day, I would have no regrets. Your future is in your hands. In order to succeed, you just have to be willing to work hard.”

Thank you to Abigail for taking the time to send us her message. We wish her every success in the future.


TY Report October 6 2018

The TYs continue to be extremely busy. Last week saw them continuing with their self development course which takes place each Thursday morning.
Using mentoring workshops and peer-based conversations “Create the Great in You” aims to provide young people with a space to explore how communication, collaboration and creativity can be applied to develop both community and relationships.
The girls are both challenged and facilitated to openly explore and express their passion, identity and potential.
The girls will grow in confidence, enhance their interpersonal skills and be more empathetic toward their peers. The series of workshops will culminate in a presentation of certificates to the girls on October 19th.

They also took the time to attend a play in An Táin based on women’s stories from WWII.

This week they headed for An Táin again, this time to attend Ger Carey’s stand up comedy routine on the lives of teenagers today. According to his website “Ger is fascinated by the way teenagers are passionate about stuff. The way that there’s no in-between, grey area with them. The way they wear their hearts on their sleeves and their favourite bands on their T-shirts. He knows what makes them tick and uses this daily knowledge to amuse and cajole them.”

The aim of the show is to get teenagers to laugh at themselves and appreciate the differences of others. Our students certainly enjoyed the experience. 

The big news in TY this week is that the Musical Production Committee has been granted the rights for Mary Poppins. The girls are thrilled to be taking part in this venture. Auditions were held today and the parts will be cast in the next few weeks.

Sports Report October 5th 2017

This week there were two teams in action for the school.

The St.Louis Senior Gaelic Football Team got their season off to a winning start with a comprehensive victory over Colaiste Rís. There were goals galore in the opening 10 minutes of the match and with the Colaiste Rís defense caught off guard, the St.Louis forward line took full advantage with Aoibheann Murphy, Caoimhe Matthews, Lee Lawlor and Kayla Byrne scoring for the home side. The middle pairing of Seoda Matthews and captain, Roisín Osborne dominated throughout the match and their work rate was nothing short of spectacular. Colaiste Rís to their credit never stopped trying to break through the St.Louis defence but with Nicole Newell, Kellie O’Donohue and Carla McGee in fine form, their task was a difficult one. When they did manage to push past the back line, Goalkeeper Mia Rogers was there for her team  and pulled off some magnificent saves. At half time St.Louis were well in front and there was no way back for Colaiste Rís. St.Louis pushed on to finish the game convincing winners with an impressive all round team display. Final Score St.Louis 6-13 Colaiste Rís 1-1. Thank you to Ms Elaine Byrne their coach.




The U16 Basketball was also in action this week – on Friday they travelled to Gormanstown for a game against the home side. The girls played sucessfully and came back victorious. Natasha Kearney, Alejandra Sargaday and Hillary Okonkwo worked well on the team, as did Eryn Traynor, Aoibheann Murphy and Princess Okonkwo. Katie Rooney, Kaiya Taaffe and Julie Guinan defended gloriously. Well done to all. Thank you to Ms O Byrne their coach.


The golfers met twice this week at lunchtime and are progressing nicely under the direction of Ms Deirdre Smith.

The volleyball season has kicked off – the first spikeball tournament will take place in St Louis next Thursday October 12th with visiting teams from Dublin.

The Thursday walk is still very popular with students and Ms Mc Dermott, Mrs Mc Grath, Ms Galligan and Ms Woods enjoy the quick trip around the campus each week.

There are Dance classes in The Chapel Hall for Junior students each week, and tag rugby continues as per usual.

Every student who is involved in these activities receives points on VSware which encourages the girls to participate in as many activities as they can.

Next week the U19 Basketball team will play in a home game against Gortner Abbey who will travel from Mayo for a rematch. Given that the result was so close the last time the Louis girls will be hoping that luck will be on their side.




Senior Basketball

Louis Girls in the Sporting News.

Each week we will bring you news of our sporting events at school and keep you up to date with what is happening.

This week saw the start of the basketball season in St Louis. Our senior team under the expert guidance of Kate O Byrne, ably assisted by Siobhán Higgins headed off to Crossmolina in Mayo at the crack of dawn to face Gortner Abbey. The road trip was four hours long but the girls were undaunted by this and gave a spirited performance, worthy of the Louis reputation for excellence on the court.

The girls were narrowly beaten in the worst possible way. Reminiscent of the fateful Dublin Mayo final a few short weeks ago, the sides were neck and neck all the way until a lucky basket from Gortner Abbey with 18 seconds to go allowed them to clinch victory by a single point.

The team was united in their efforts but special mention must go to Jewell Rosagaran who had a final personal tally of 24 points.


On Thursday evening students from Junior and Senior Cycle laced up their boots for the first ever rugby training session of the school’s newly formed rugby team. The girls got stuck in from the very start and displayed a high level of determination and skill. Leinster  Development Officer Andrew Naylor was very impressed with their performance and believe the girls will do well in their first blitz which takes place in Navan in two weeks.





This Sunday saw the  U14 girls county final take place between Glen Emmets and Kilkerley Emmets and we are delighted to announce that six of the winning squad are Louis Girls. Kilkerley were victorious and we were delighted to see two of our first years, Katie Clarke and Sarah Lawrence, three second years, Katie Cotter, Éabha Mc Eneaney and Grainne Lynch, and third year Hermione Mc Aleer celebrate victory with a narrow two point margin. The final score was 3-05 to 2-10.

That bodes well for the gaelic teams here at school who start their season next week.


lunchtime activities

Lunchtime Activities at St Louis

Weekly Clubs and Activities

The following activities are ongoing and take place every week until further notice.   Check the start times in the school, or contact the relevant teacher. 

A house point is given to a student each time they attend that particular club/activity.



Activity Time Year Teacher Where to meet & Important Information
Poetry Open to all years Ms Rice (Starting in October)
Choir 12.25-12.50pm Everyone from all years welcome Ms Drumgoole / Ms Murray Chapel hall, promptly at 12.25pm
Basketball 12.25-12.50pm 1st & 2nd year Ms O’Byrne Gym

Runners required

Gaelic Football U-16 and Senior Team Ms E Byrne Gym

Appropriate gear required




Activity Time Year Teacher Where to meet & Important Information
Poetry Open to all years Ms Rice (Starting in October)
Golf 12.30-1.10pm All welcome Ms Smith Field behind large bin/skip
Instrumental Group 12.50-1.15pm Open to all years Ms Killoran Chapel hall. Prompt at 12.50
Basketball U16 (3rd, TY & 5th) Ms O’Byrne Gym

Runners and sports gear required





Activity Time Year Teacher Where to meet & Important Information
Walk 12.40 – 1.05pm Open to everyone Mrs McDermott Meet outside chapel Hall prompt at 12.40pm

Runners if possible. Coat/ Waterproof recommended

The walk may still go ahead in wet conditions

Green Committee 12.30-12.55pm Ms Reynolds/Ms Sherry Meet in room 14 (Geography room)
Poetry Open to all years Ms Rice (Starting in October)
Golf 12.30-1.10pm All welcome Ms Smith Field behind large bin/skip
Dance 12.40-1pm Everyone in 1st, 2nd or 3rd Year Ms Spain Meet in the chapel hall at 12.40pm promptly.

Water and runners are advisable

Fitness Training 12.30-12.55pm 3rd, TY, 5th & 6th Ms O’Byrne & Ms E Byrne Gym

Runners and sports gear required

Basketball U19 (3rd, 5th & 6th) Ms O’Byrne Gym

Runners and sports gear required

Rugby All welcome Ms McEneaney Outside, Meet at the gym.

Sports Gear and Football boots




Activity Time Year Teacher Where to meet & Important Information
Volleyball coaching 12.45-1.10pm Everyone in 1st & 2nd Year Ms Spain Meet in the gym

Runners are essential


Volleyball for fun 12.44-1.10pm 3rd Years Ms Spain Meet in the gym

Runners are essential

Camogie 12.30-1pm All years welcome Ms Caraher Meet outside the gym.

Sports gear required

Helmets and hurls will be supplied if needed